Strange things

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I’m not a good waiter. As in waiting for things, not serving tables.

With only a day and a half before his trip, we had a lot to do and were pretty distracted. We chatted a few times about if he should go or wait. He hadn’t seen his parents in 8 years. They are in their 80’s and live alone in South America. I understood his need to go and the sense of urgency to check on them.  In October my mom had a massive stroke. It has greatly affected her and my dad. Her recovery is slow and hard and incomplete.  I shared his sense urgency… if her stroke happened and it had been 8 years since I’d seen her, hugged her, talked and laughed with her… oh man, it would have been excruciating.

We said things like:
“if it’s nothing and I could have gone and something happens, I’d feel horrible.”
“If it’s something and you need surgery or treatment of some sort, it could be a while until you get to go see them.”
“If it’s nothing and I go, no biggy.”
“If it’s something and you go, it could be worse, or something could happen while you’re there”

Every time he talked, his strange voice made me feel the urge to clear my throat.

The day before he left, he was talking and absentmindedly pressed on the swollen lymph node and his voice went away.
But he still went.
And I had three weeks to wait.
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