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One thing I forgot to mention in the last post was his voice. He began to sound congested, but not like typical nasal congestion. This sounded like he needed to clear his throat. This had began back in December but very mild and not consistent. It seemed to be more noticeable after eating.

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So fast forward up to day 2 of the 5 day meds (second round of antibiotics). He started talking about his planned three week trip to South America and what he would do if this round of meds didn’t help. This was Thursday, February 8th. I suggested calling an ENT to see if he could take a better look. He had been feeling like something was stuck in his throat but no pain. His ear felt almost constant pressure, and often would get a very sharp shooting pain. I could see him grimace from it throughout the day so I knew it was getting worse. He called the ENT who did our now 24 year old sons tonsils 20 years ago and was able to secure an appointment for a quick exam the next morning. Please note what a miracle that is… a new patient getting in to a specialist the very next morning!!

I had to get Stacey ready for the bus so I didn’t go with him. I got a phone call from him saying, “well that escalated quickly!”  He said the Dr saw something curious and he should see another ENT who is better equipped to get a better look. He came home with this picture:


Me: What did the Dr say about this?
Hubs: To get it looked at.
Me: Did you tell him you leave the country in 2 days?
Hubs: Ya, he said to try and get it looked at today at this place (shows me card for Cedar Sinai)
Me: Ok, well, make some calls then!

Ok, so mind you, it’s Friday, he leaves the country on Sunday.

He made several calls and no one could get him in for two weeks. He asked what I’d do and I said I’d probably bump the trip. He decided to go.

He left Feb. 11 for almost 3 weeks.

While he was gone, I had some things to tend to, and if you know me, I’m good friends with Google and I know how to use it properly and not get sucked into places I don’t need to be.

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