The “Cold”

In November our family started sharing the colds that were going around. No one got the dreaded flu, but we all had our fair share of colds. My hubby, Carlos, seemed to get a mild cold that just wouldn’t go away. His cough was dry and annoying, (to himself, not us, well ok, to us too, lol) but not concerning. As December came he started to feel sick again, this time a mild ear ache and pressure in his jaw.  We had a busy month with our oldest and her hubby visiting for a week and Christmas so he just tolerated his mild, yet annoying, symptoms.

In January he was getting annoyed by the ear pain, and began to think he had tonsillitis.(He still has his tonsils) He also noticed a swollen lymph node and took that as confirmation that he should get some antibiotics. He never ran a fever, so up until this point, he assumed it was viral and would pass. He used a program our insurance covers called Teladoc. He described his ear, throat and jaw pain to a Dr over the phone and was prescribed antibiotics for ten days.

In February, about two weeks after finishing those antibiotics, he still didn’t feel better so he went to urgent care. They looked in his ears, nose and throat and saw an enlarged tonsil so they prescribed a five day stronger antibiotic. This would be finished on the first day of his previously planned three week trip to visit his parents in South America.  That’s when things shifted gears.

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Outtakes are my favorite! Here’s a few from our Christmas season!


Writing is my Therapy

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. ~ Psalm 46:1


What do you do when life gets hard, scary, weary? Some people run or hit the gym, others eat or bury themselves in work.  I talk, I laugh, and I write. God was super kind to me and gave me a great sense of humor and the ability to find laughter and joy in the midst of hard things. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times I can’t see the joy, let alone laugh, and I cry my heart out and I get angry and I question God’s plan. He kindly brings me back because joy comes from within and nothing can take that away.

This blog is a place for me to write about some current things going on, as well as some things in the past. We want to share our journey and, we truly hope, to encourage others and to share things we have learned along the way.

I’m Shannon, wife to Carlos, mom to five, a mother-in-law and “bonus” gramma to two sweet girls! I also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 12 chickens on 2.5 acres of dirt that is home to two owls, a lot of woodpeckers, road runners, quail, and sometimes gopher snakes and even coyotes!  We’ve had some interesting things come to our family and I look forward to sharing them with you!  If you want to stay “in the know” of our latest situation, scroll to the bottom and follow and you’ll get email updates when I post new info.

For now, here are some photos so you have faces to the names.

All the kids on the tractor.
It was so fun to have the kids all together and do a silly photo shoot!


all 5 kiddos
CJ, Robby, Michelle, Stacey, Alexia and her hubby Andy
Carlos and Shannon
We never manage to both be ready for the picture to be taken!