April 12

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Brief visit with the Medical Oncologist as follow up from Monday and confirming treatment choice. Carlos chose the weaker of the two options based on our research that shows fewer and less severe side effects and knowing that if by slim chance it doesn’t work, he can do a second round using the stronger of the two. Studies are showing a very small margin between the two and their success rate, small enough that given the treatability of his tumor, he feels confident the gentler drug will do the job. Dr was impressed in our understanding of the two options, and the criteria we based the decision on.

Dr also agreed with the decision to put off getting the feeding tube until absolutely necessary, if at all.

We then met with the gal in charge of clinical trials. She will call later today or tomorrow to let us know if he qualifies for one. Carlos isn’t super keen on the idea of doing a trial, but he wants to hear the details before ruling it out entirely.

For now, he will see the Radiology Oncologist Monday and the Medical Oncologist Friday of next week and somewhere in there start one or both treatments.

Knowing this is the beginning of healing, yet also the beginning of some very difficult weeks, leaves us both sort of like, …well I don’t even know.

I’m trying to order my schedule and prioritize the “have to do” and the “can wait” lists. Carlos is trying to eat all the foods he will miss eating lol.  We took care of mundane things like fixing a flat tire, puppy shots, making lunch, selling an old van that doesn’t even run, and planning a bonfire night with a group of high schoolers.
Okay, so literally as I was about to publish this, the call regarding the clinical trial came in. He doesn’t qualify so that’s not an option. An answer to prayer because it’s kind of nice to finally have a clear answer on something. Now we wait for insurance to authorize the chosen treatment. Even though we have a PPO, this still requires an authorization. Once we get that, should be mid next week, they will schedule a chemo teaching session for us and THEN we can schedule treatment to begin. Most likely that puts it to begin sometime the week of the 23rd.

Thank you again for the prayers, encouragement, and meals!

Meanwhile, don’t tell them, but here’s a goofy picture of two of our kids because filters are life. So I’m told.                        {Next Post}30768490_10213917177217232_1583436149_o